My Review on Letter for the King (Netflix)

Hi everyone, So as you all know we are stuck at home and the best thing to do while being at home is watch NETFLIX. So Netflix has some new titles and the most awaited one was the Letter for the King.

I saw this movie as it came out and it did not made me pissed of watching it LOL. The movie had amazing characters and amazing direction. The story was something new and the end suspense was more amazing.

The story goes as a young boy son of a very big Knight family but unfortunately the son does not have any fighting skills or anything to become a Knight but suddenly one day as the selection of knights is going on he defeats everyone and becomes one later he realises that his father paid other boys to loose against him so he could become a Knight, Then after someday as he is on his way for the test of Knight he meets a person who is carrying the letter which has secrets and should be shown to the king before its late and soo the journey begins and he realises he have supernatural powers while there are more secrets I don’t want to open here.

So what are you waiting for go watch it now on Netflix

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