Hype House Split? Club House is Here

So as Tiktok is growing daily with a huge number, 3 of the biggest tiktokers in the USA has made a community called as the HYPE HOUSE where they sign all the trending artist on their community and collab with each other for more views and likes. They help each other with every way possible. They are the most trending social media stars at the moment.

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Despite of all the fame one of the Hype house creator was kicked of Hype House because there was some fight according to her and according to the 2 other creators who are co founder of the Hype House says that we kicked her out cause she was doing nothing to help us only living at the Hype House.

The people who created Hype house are Thomas Petrou, Lil Huddy & Daisy Keech. While there are many famous tiktokers living there too like Charlie D’amelio, Dixie, Addison and many more

The fight is between Thomas Petrou and Daisy Keech. Daisy Keech is the one removed from the Hype House. As she created her own community now named as Club House which is invested by her and is 10 times bigger then the Hype house and have already set famous creators of tiktok on it.

I hope everyone be happy in what they do

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