3 Boys arrested for making a viral TikTok

In India 3 boys were arrested for making a viral tiktok video on NRC which is a major issue going on in India from past 4 months. These boys made a video which got over 2 Million likes and is being lip synced many times by other people.

The video is where 1 boy says to other 2 boys that “What Government will put NRC on muslims in India, The Allmighty himself has put this corona virus as NRC for them in India” and he walks by. Police says that this video will make people fight more as the situation is getting in control now.

Many muslim tiktokers are saying its not wrong to just make a video and post it, Its not his fault that the video went viral, He is not using any weapons or anything in the video its just freedom of speech.

I hope we resolve this problem and make Peace everywhere.

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